Monday, February 16, 2009

Another change of pace

A friend of mine sent me a video a few weeks ago, and as usual I'm only now getting to it. It seems I'm always about 2 weeks behind when communicating with people online as my friends can probably all attest to the Tyrone time delay. Unfortunately I might have the same problem in the real world, just ask my mother.

There are a lot of great principles in this lecture, but what struck me most were Randy's comments on breadth versus mastery. This concept isn't necessarily new to me, but being reminded of it tonight is a game changer. The most instantly visible change for you, the reader, will be my blog. Originally I wanted this blog to be my professional portfolio, an online extension of my elementary school "show and tell" days, a sterile environment in which I can show you, my captive audience, my latest creations. Perhaps elementary school isn't the best analogy when sterility is a consideration.

I think I see why my friend sent me this video. I need to play to my strengths. In the past I would only post when I had something worthwhile to show in relation to the pursuit of my animation career. I don't have the mastery I would like to feel confident in applying for an animator position. The downside to this world-view is that there is always something else to learn to feel like you've mastered the art. Even the nine old men would say they have yet to master animation.

While I have a lot to learn in the world of animation my value isn't measured in number of successful films completed. Although I'm excited to increase that number, my value as an animator might be better assessed by my value as a person. When I think of it that way I do feel more confident in my abilities. Though I'm still striving for mastery I am confident in my breadth. I want my blog to reflect that.

From now on I'm going to post anything worthwhile, whether it's a new song I've learned on the piano, a new eye opening revelation from an audiobook or a new jQuery plugin I wrote at work. Things will be a bit less sterile and more like elementary school around here. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be.

I enjoy paradigm changes. Thanks Dave.