Saturday, November 15, 2008

The next big thing

I've had a short film idea boiling in my mind for the past few years. I've thought long enough about it that I can watch it forward and backward in my mind. It's about time that I get it out of my mind and into everyone else's. I call it "Safe".

The premise is this. A neurotic robot that has been struggling to survive a slightly futuristic post-apocalyptic war torn world finally finds a reason to keep going. I know the setting may be a bit cliché but the story, I hope, isn't.

The robot is slowly losing his mind in his solitude while avoiding the "heartless", a mindless breed of violent robots. In the film's opening the robot stumbles upon a soggy old teddy bear lying on the road. The robot takes the bear in as it's own and the story continues as we see the robot facing all odds to protect it. The robot's struggle is analogous to a parent trying to protect their own child from the world.

Here is a concept from one of the early scenes as the robot is discovering his new friend in temporary safety.

More to come on this in the coming months!